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The user must carefully read these Terms of Service and Conditions of Use, as it defines the type of service provided, conditions of use and privacy policy.
By using our services, you or the legal guardian, as a minor user, agree to these Terms. If you do not agree, our services should not be used .
Sherwa may modify these Terms at any time, without qualitative or quantitative restrictions and will notify its user by making the modified version available on the App.
The responsibility for the information on the modification of these Terms is ours, but the verification and agreement is entirely with the user, who, when continuing to use our services, regardless of the express agreement, will be subject to the modified version.
Some exceptions to the Terms may apply, depending on your country//place of residence.
If you violate these Terms, we may take all applicable legal measures, including, but not limited to, canceling your account, and Sherwa has no responsibility to refund or refund you for lost services due to involuntary suspension or termination of your account.
Sherwa's object is a middle activity and not an end activity, and Sherwa cannot be held responsible for the failure of its user's objectives.


Where certain nomenclatures in this Term are read, the user must understand them as follows:

The plans included in the Sherwa Elite subscription are described and in force as informed in the App.


Our services allow the interaction between Provider and Taker Users, to achieve the goals in a given game. For this, Sherwa will need some information, but will only use it when there is a legal basis for doing so.
To better understand what information should be provided and how to use it, when using our services, you must access our Privacy Policy.


4.1 - Fraud
Sherwa prohibits cheating, fraud or any other illegal or prohibited behavior in these Terms, which includes any action that attempts or actually changes or interferes with the normal operation or rules of the Service.
Examples, but not limited, to any of the following behaviors, on your behalf or on behalf of third parties:

The App may not work on devices where Sherwa reasonably detects or suspects, that it incurs any type of fraud (or similar concepts), without providing any support to the user that incurs such hypothesis.
4.2 - Safe and proper use
To use our services, you must pay attention to the environment; play and communicate safely. Your use of our Services is at your own risk and risk and you declare that you undertake not to violate any applicable law, these Terms, the Privacy Policy, nor will you incite or allow any third party to do so.
You agree, in your use of our Services, not to make any illegal, inappropriate or commercial content available, nor to submit to inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate content.
Sherwa will not provide any other service not stated in item 1 "Terms" or outside its corporate purpose.
4.3 - Interaction with Other People
You agree, in the use of our Services, to maintain appropriate and safe contact with other players and people in the real world, and not to disturb, threaten or violate any third party rights.
You also compromise not to invade, obtain or seek access to any property or place over which you are not authorized to be by using any means, and will not take any action or omission that may cause injury, death, damage to property, disruption or legal liability of any kind.
In the event of a dispute with a third party, when using our Services, you will exempt Sherwa, all of its representatives, representatives and employees, from any demand and nature, as a result of or in any way arising from this dispute.
4.4 - Election and Account Registration
To use our Services you must create an account with us using the following options:

You undertake not to disclose your account password to a third party, as well as to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use, since you are responsible for all activities that occur through the use of your account, whether or not your knowledge.
The Provider User, regardless of age, should always keep a personal photo on their user, which should not incite or contain scenes of sex or free violence.
The User who is a minor is not allowed to keep his personal photo on his data, and must use an avatar of his choice. The Taker User of legal age will be able to link to his account a personal photo, which should not incite or contain scenes of sex or free violence, or an avatar of his choice.
4.5 - Account Suspension or Closure
Sherwa may suspend or terminate your access and use of the Services, out of sheer liberality, without the need for prior notice, when it finds that:

You can close your account at any time by contacting Sherwa through the channels below, which will close it within 48 (forty-eight) hours:
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sherwa
Upon termination of your account, regardless of whether the act is free of Sherwa's or yours, the
provisions of the Terms remain applicable.
There will be a loss of Sherwa Coins, from the moment the account is closed, and it cannot be converted into “real” money.
4-6 - Who Can Use Sherwa Services
Any child, who is considered to be under 13 (thirteen) years of age cannot use our services.
Minors between 13 and 16 years of age must be represented by their legal representative for the
contracting of our Services, including requesting consent to the processing of personal data.
Minors between 16 and 18 years of age must be assisted by their legal representative to contract our Services and request consent to the processing of personal data.
Each and every user must obey the censorship of each game, individually, being responsible for this violation.
The minor's legal representative may request the closure of the account, pursuant to item 4.5.
Purchases made through our services can only occur when the user:

Within the legal limits, Sherwa rejects any and all liability, of any nature, for any activity conducted by a minor with or without the permission of their legal representative.
The legal representative who authorizes a minor to create an account for the use of our Services, agrees to all terms related to the use of the Services by the minor under his responsibility.


Sherwa grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to download, install the copy of the App on your device, view, display and use its content, for your exclusive use, and its marketing is prohibited.
Besides exceptions contained in our Terms, it is expressly prohibited:

Sherwa retains all of its rights not granted to you in these Terms, in view of the registration of your copyright registered at Patent pending in the USA, on behalf of Sherwa On Line Service INC.
Sherwa does not have proprietary rights in the user's content, and the user can use and exploit it, always in accordance with these Terms.
Sherwa and its licensors are the exclusive owners of all rights, ownership and participation in and in relation to its Services and Content, including all associated intellectual property rights, copyrights and trademarks that are protected by the law of the United States of America and third countries. You agree not to remove, alter or obscure any copyright, trademark or ownership notices incorporated in or associated with our Services or Content.
We respect copyright law and expect our users to behave in the same way. It is our policy to terminate user accounts that violate or are reasonably suspected of infringing a third party's copyright.



Since Sherwa is the mediator of the meetings between the Provider User and the User, in addition to offering other products, as per item 1 "Terms", the Provider User will be paid based on the amount he charges, within 30 days, being the amount determined between the User and the platform, according to the demand, the game, and the type of experience of the player.
6.1 - Form of Payment for Contracting Services or Purchasing Products
Payment for Sherwa Services can be made by credit card or Paypall. For the purchase of Sherwa Products, in addition to those already mentioned, you can also use Apple Store or Google Play.
6.2 - Form of Receipt for the Service Provided
Sherwa Provider Users will receive money transfer to their Paypall or Sherwa Coins account.
For real money payment purposes, Sherwa has up to 30 (thirty) days to make the deposit, not being responsible for any error in the information provided about the Paypall account.
In the event of any supervening fact that makes it impossible to transfer real money within the
aforementioned period, Sherwa safeguards its right to convert it into Sherwa Coins or Goods, such payment being legitimate, legal and fully accepted by the User, who will understand this transformation as a way full discharge for the service provided.
6.3 - Use of Sherwa Coins
Any user will be able, through payment, to purchase Sherwa Coins for a further use in Products, and under no circumstances, after the finalization of the purchase, there will be a refund of the “real” money.
To use the Sherwa Coins, the user simply chooses the Product, allows payment with the Sherwa Coins and it will occur immediately. After the purchase is complete, there will be no refund of the Sherwa Coins undertaken in the acquisition.
In the event of suspension or withdrawal of the Sherwa Coins as a form of payment and receipt, the user will be notified in advance, within 60 (sixty) days, in which case the Sherwa Coins will not be converted into “real” money.


In accordance with applicable law permissions, Sherwa Services and Content are provided as is, without warranties in other ways. We make it clear, without limitation, that we are exempt from any guarantee of merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, uninterrupted use or non-violation, and any guarantees arising from uses of the trade or trading characteristics. We do not guarantee that our Services will meet your objectives and requirements, or will be made available in an uninterrupted, safe or error-free manner, with quality, precision, timeliness, veracity, completeness or reliability of any content, especially from third parties.
You assume all risks of interaction and communication, online or offline, with other users or third parties, resulting from our Services. We do not check or question the background or statements of any users and do not guarantee their conduct.
You agree to take steps to prevent your communications and interactions with other users or third parties, especially if you decide to hold meetings offline or in person, without incurring Sherwa in any civil or criminal liability.


Under applicable law, neither Sherwa nor any third party involved in the creation, production or delivery of the Services and Content will be responsible for any direct, indirect, damage of any nature, including property or off-balance sheet; for any loss of data; service interruption; damage caused by computer or system failure; substitute service costs; due to the inability to use the Services and Content or due to product failure.
Sherwa does not have any responsibility regarding communication, interaction or meeting with other users, whether based on warranty, contract or civil obligation (including fault or intent).
Sherwa is also not responsible for the content of the games, age of use, features, copyright, trademarks and patents violated by Sherwa users, being this list merely exemplary. In other words, Sherwa only connects the Provider User to the Taker User, and is exempt from any responsibility, for action or omission after its performance.


For the purpose of resolving any dispute about these Terms, Canadian law will apply, having Vancouver, BC Canada as exclusive jurisdiction, to the detriment of any other privileged.


These Terms constitute a consensual and comprehensive agreement and understanding between Sherwa and its users, in relation to the Services and Content, being preponderant to any alleged oral or verbal arrangement between the parties.
If any provision of these Terms is considered null, invalid or not applicable, the other provisions will remain in full force, validity and effect.
The warnings or notifications provided by Sherwa will be sent through our newsletters, official networks, and if applicable, via the application.
Any concession will be understood as a mere liberality of Sherwa, regardless of the inapplicability of these Terms, or the continued denial of right or clause, being punctual and individualized.


If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at contact@sherwaonline.com
Your opinion and suggestion is very important to us. If you want to give us your feedback, use any of the options below:
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/sherwa

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