How to become a Sherwa Partner?

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming an official Sherwa Partner!

We are always helping Streamers and Content Creators to connect to their audiences.

Sherwa has their own Partner Program that helps creators to increase their viewers and engagement on their lives. To join the program you just simply need to get in contact with us. This is a wonderful way of increasing your reach and also the interaction with your audience.

Sherwa allows you to create parties with line so that your community can play with you during your streams. Lines are organized according to the time each people joined the line so that you livestream is more organized when playing with your viewers.

The Partner Program consists in supporting and highlighting our partners. Everyday we have around 6000 users looking for people to play with. Our partners parties are always Featured on the top of the Parties list on our app. We also have exclusive support channels to our partners with a more direct contact with Sherwa. All that also comes with a beautiful verified badge to make your Sherwa profile even more beautiful

Minimum Requirements: we do not have a list of minimum requirements to become a partner, we just ask that you already have experience managing your parties at Sherwa and that you are used to stream playing with your community.

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