How to create a Party?

  1. To create a party visit the Parties tab or choose one game available on the home screen.
  2. Click on the button “+” on the bottom right corner of image B.
  3. Now you have to fill your Party information and remember to write something cool to call the attention of other players and also to give more information about your objectives and the game!
  4. Select the platform you are playing
  5. Which game you are going to play
  6. Number of Players
  7. Your Discord (optional)
  8. Write the title of your party
  9. Write a description to give more information about the game/platform and your objectives.
  10. Choose your objective: Casual, Competitve, Streaming or Recruiting. If your objective is Streaming (image E), you will see the option that allows the creation of a Party with Line (image G) which is recommended for streamers.
  11. Click on “Create Party” and done! Now keep an eye on your group to check if people are joining.
  12. Do not forget to check your group activity so nobody is left answered.

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