How to join Parties?

  1. To access a Party, open Sherwa app and go to the “Parties” tab located on the bottom part of image A.
  2. On the “Parties” tab you can see all the active parties on that moment. You can also search for parties on the home screen by clicking on the name of the game you want to play.
  3. Find a party that calls your attention and that you have interest in playing. Touch the “Parties” tab and you will find more information about the game the party is playing, which objectives the creator of the party have and also how many people are already on the party.
  4. Click on “Join Party”. Now you are part of this group and you have the option to access the party chat.
  5. Click on the chat option and you can exchange messages with the party leader and other party members, schedule when you playing or you can just start playing.
  6. After playing, do not forget to leave the Party and leave a review like on image D

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