How to stream with Sherwa?

  1. Streaming with us is pretty simple, the first step is to download the app and create an account.
  2. Now you need to create your Party so that your viewers can connect and you can play together on stream.
  3. To create a Party, click on the “Parties” tab on the bottom of the home screen and then on the “+” button on image A.
  4. Now you have to fill the information about your Party. Remember to write something cool to call the attention of other players and also to give information about the game you want to play and about your stream!
  5. Party Name
  6. Number of Players
  7. Game you are going to play
  8. Do you wish to create a Party with line?
  9. Write a description to give more information about the game/platform and what is the objective of your party. In the description you can also write your stream link, Discord channel or even your social networks.
  10. Press “Create Party” and done! Now just watch players joining your party.
  11. To control your Party line and see whose waiting to play with you, you can click on the option “See Players”.
  12. Remember to send your game ID or Room Password on the chat so people can join your game.
  13. After your match is complete or if you want to play with other people from the line, you can “Replace All Players” that are on your party and Sherwa will switch all players that are on your party for players that are on the line.
  14. You also have the option to remove them individually and bringing specific people from the line by clicking on the icons next to their usernames.
  15. Do not forget to let us know that your stream is starting on our social networks or on our Discord channel so that we can give you any support that you might need!
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