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Fortnite x Dragon Ball: everything about the biggest crossover in videogames

The biggest crossover of the moment has finally happened. Dragon Ball arrived in Fortnite with skins and missions for you to play with Goku and company in the most played battle royale on the planet.

Plus, over the course of two weeks, players can participate in an event to earn free rewards, including emotes, accessories, and even a Japanese-animated Hang Glider to use in-game.

Check out everything that's in the event.

Battle boards

Thinking about the strongest fighters, who are always testing their own strength, we have the Versus Battle Boards.

Versus Battle Boards pit you against a rival player in a battle for island supremacy! Both players must accept the battle by interacting with a Board on the Island. Once a duel is set, players will be able to see each other's position on the map. After that, you'll only have five minutes to defeat your opponent and claim victory!

Versus Battle Boards have temporarily taken the place of Hunt Boards and can be found in the exact same location as Hunt Boards.


Pick up items in drops designed by Capsule Corporation that fall from the sky throughout matches. Use the Kamehameha to launch a devastating energy beam at anyone who crosses your path, or call on the Flying Cloud (Kintoun) to fly over the Island. More capsules will spawn as the Storm approaches, so get ready for epic clashes that will test your skills!

Dragon Ball Event: Power Unleashed

Fortnite's new collaboration with Dragon Ball brings the addition of items based on the anime, including skins for Goku, Vegeta, Bula and Bills, as well as accessories inspired by elements from the anime. Some of these items can be purchased from the Item Shop, while others can be obtained for free.

By accessing the new "Power Unleashed!" tab, which is located in the Game Menu with a Dragon Ball icon, players can see all the Tasks and rewards available during the partnership celebration. There you can see the increase in your Power Level (M), received by completing Dragon Ball Temporary Tasks in Battle Royale and Dragon Ball Adventure Island.

Free Dragon Ball Event Rewards

For two weeks, players will have at their disposal a number of special challenges that, when completed, yield Power Levels. Each completed task rewards the player with a certain Power Level that accumulates and, little by little, unlocks various special rewards.

See the list of rewards available in the Dragon Ball: Power Unleashed event and how many Power Levels it takes to unlock them for free:

1. Goku Smiling Emoticon (10M)

2 Level Up (20M)

3. Spray Fuuuuuuusion, Ra! (30M)

4. Dragon Radar Back Attachment (40M)

5. Level Up (50M)

6. Bulma Wink Emoticon (60M)

7. Level Up (70M)

8. Enhanced Ki Gesture (80M)

9. Level Up (90M)

10. Goku Super Saiyan Blue Spray (100M)

11. Level Climb (110M)

12. Gesture Carrying Ki (120M)

How to watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super in Fortnite

You can watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super inside Fortnite! This feature is free for everyone and the animation is with PT-BR subtitles and English audio for both the opening and the rest of the content.

To watch Dragon Ball Super in Fortnite, just do the following:

1. In the lobby, press square to change the game mode where you will seek the match;

2. Look for the “Fortnite x Dragon Ball” tab in the “Discover” section;

3. Choose the first episode and have fun;

4. Inside the cruise, you can stay in the social area or go under the big screen and enjoy the anime in full screen.

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