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Overwatch 2: everything you need to know

Blizzard revealed this June 16th everything about the long-awaited Overwatch 2, which will continue the adventures of the characters and story of the title released in 2016 that we love so much. The game brings significant changes such as 5v5 player matches and a story mode. The company showed the entire expected roadmap, as well as revealing the origin story of a new character, Junker Queen.

The game arrives on October 4th and is free to play. However, those who pre-purchase the game's package will receive access to the beta on all platforms starting June 28th. Plus, you get the first game with five Legendary skins and five Epic skins. In Overwatch 2, buyers receive the Premium Battle Pass: Season 1, two Overwatch 2 Legendary Hero skins (Soldier: 76 Space Corsair and Space Corsair Cassidy), 2,000 Overwatch 2 virtual coins, and Overwatch player icon 2 (Overwatch 2 Pre-Order Exclusive: Observatory Pack).

You can watch the full event here:

Junker Queen

But let's start with the new character that is already being loved by all Overwatch players. Junker Queen had a special video and an origin story. In addition, Blizzard detailed how the new character's gameplay works.

She has the role of Tanker and has an ax as a weapon and a rifle. In her ultimate ability, she takes off running and tramples anyone in her way. Whoever is hit, in addition to the damage, will have their healing status reduced to zero. Although she is a Tanker, she has good attacks for short ranges.

Content and seasons

The first season of the game starts on the October 4th release date, and will include 3 new heroes – Sojourn, Junker Queen and an unannounced support hero – 6 new maps, 30+ new skins, a new game mode (the previously announced Push), a new Mythic skin (the rarest new type of cosmetic), and a Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass will include cosmetic items and XP boosters and will consist of 100 levels to earn. With the addition of Battle Passes, Overwatch lootbox crates will no longer be a part of the game.

Season 2 kicks off on December 6th and will introduce a new unannounced tank hero, new map, 30 more skins, a new Mythic skin, and another Battle Pass. In 2023, future seasons will include a mix of all of the above, but will also include the release of the game's highly anticipated PvE content that will advance the game's story.

The roadmap also shows Blizzard with the promise of cross-platform progression. As you'd expect, original Overwatch content you've earned or paid for will also be available in Overwatch 2.

Blizzard plans to release PvE missions in 2023 increasing the story over the seasons. This "campaign mode" can be played in co-op with friends. No further details on this part of the game were revealed.

Overwatch 2 will have 5v5 matches. In this format, each group must select 1 tank role character, 2 supports and 2 attackers. The graphics have been refined, bringing more details and textures to the environments, effects and more. Many characters had their original visuals overhauled.

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