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Sherwa Turbo 3.0: streaming schedule of the week

A new week begins with new Sherwa Turbo 3.0 streamings. This week, we'll stream games like Valorant, Free Fire, Fortnite, Pokémon Unite and, of course, Fall Guys.

That's because the game became free-to-play this Tuesday, June 21st, and can be played for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. The special live takes place on Friday, June 24th, starting at 5 pm.

You can follow everything on Sherwa Online's Twitch channel.

Check out the full schedule of Sherwa Turbo for the week:

Tuesday, June 21st

5pm - League of Legends

6pm - Valorant

7pm - Fortnite (solo mode - no building)

8pm - Free Fire (solo)

Wednesday, June 22nd

17h - Minecraft

6pm - Stumble Guys

7pm - Roblox

8pm - Crab game

Thursday, June 23rd

5pm - Rainbow Six Siege

6pm - Rocket League

7pm - Fortnite (duo mode- with construction)

20h - Free Fire (duo)

Friday, June 24th

Starting at 5pm - Fall Guys Special

Saturday, June 25th

5pm - Pokemon Unite

6pm - Dead by Daylight

7pm - Fortnite (squad- no construction)

20h - Free Fire (squad)

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