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Spider-Man, Saints Row: the August game releases

August started bringing new games to consoles and PC. Although it isn't a more traditional month for game releases (which usually arrive between October and November), there are very good games coming to stores.

The highlights are Spider-Man, PS4 success, which arrives for PC with new visual technologies, and the Saints Row reboot, bringing back the chaos of open world titles.

Sherwa's blog brings you the main game releases of August.

Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (August 12th) - PC

The game comes complete with all the expansions released on PS4 and PS5. The story and open world are absolutely amazing, making this title one of the best superhero games in video games. Many classic villains and characters appear to break Spider-Man's peace, and to face them, the player has many weapons and special abilities. The highlight is the many graphic quality options that PCs allow, making the title run at 4K resolution and at 60 frames per second on compatible computers, in addition to abusing reflections and more realistic lighting using ray tracing.

The Miles Morales content will be released for PC in 2023.

Saints Row - August 23rd - PC, Xbox (Series e One), PS4 and PS5

The reboot of the Saint's Row franchise, a more exaggerated and comical type of GTA, will be set in Santo Ileso, a fictional city in the southwestern United States. Recovering the older style of the titles of the famous series, the game must maintain the same mind-blowing footprint, full of action and a lot of chaos, offering a lot of content, in addition to the already confirmed character customization.

Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed - August 30th - PC, Xbox (Series e One), PS4 and PS5

The remastered version of the open world game in which we control an ET who wants to annihilate the human race arrives renewed for the next generation of video games. Get ready for lots of funny deaths and also to be able to control human minds.

Madden 23 - August 19 - consoles and PC

The new season of American football only begins when the game in the Madden series comes to consoles and PC. With the proposal to be the most realistic edition and to have an artificial intelligence that "knows" the best move to be made at the moment, the Electronic Arts game arrives on August 19th.

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