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Xbox +Bethesda: the best revealed games

Microsoft held the Xbox + Bethesda Showcase to announce its new games this Sunday (12). In addition, we had more details of games already announced for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

Among the games that appeared at the event are Starfield, the racing simulator Forza Motorsport, details of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2.

Sherwa brings the highlights of the event here for you. Check them out.


Bethesda's ambitious RPG, which is now part of Microsoft, wants to take players into space and explore a galaxy. The promise is that we will be able to visit more than 1,000 planets with unique characteristics. In addition to a video showing how the game will be and how the player's choices affect the story, the character creation system and your ship was presented. Combat in space will also focus on the title, slated to hit Xbox video games in 2023.

Forza Motorsport

A new game in the racing simulation series has been announced for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The game can also be played via the cloud. The launch is scheduled for 2023. It was the first time we saw the title running in real time, featuring realistic graphics and gameplay.

Overwatch 2

On October, 4th, we'll finally be able to play the sequel to Overwatch. On that date, the game enters onearly access. This moment will be used by the developers to check how the game works technically and to make adjustments for the final release. Also new is that Overwatch 2 will be free to play. Only character skins and other cosmetic items will be sold.

Diablo IV

Slated to arrive on consoles and PC in 2023, the action RPG had the announcement of the necromancer class during the event. The character uses the power to summon the dead and other creatures to aid in combat.

Minecraft Legends

The new game in the popular Minecraft franchise is different from the construction game. It focuses on strategy, in which the player must build defenses and control troops to fight opponents. The look is the same, all made in blocks. No further details were revealed, only that the title will arrive in 2023 for Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation.

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